Book Launch Team Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the What Your Customer Wants and Can't Tell You book launch team!

To ensure this a good fit for you, please review the requirements below. We also have some fun interactions planned and there are opportunities to win prizes.


  1. Join the Facebook Group and email list. Our communication will mostly be in the group.
  2. Pre-order a copy of the book on Amazon.
  3. Read the book - launch team members get a sneak peek before it's live!
  4. Share on social media we will provide swipe files and draft text to make it easy.
  5. Write a review on your assigned day in the launch week.

And of course -- have FUN!

Complete your application by April 5, 2021 to be considered.
As a launch team member would you also consider:
Mailing List Approval

Thank you again, and remember to BE thoughtful!